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GlideSoul 3mm Full Wetsuit Back Zip Women's Vibrant Stripes
The GlideSoul Vibrant Stripes Collection was created for women who enjoy active lifestyle. Our 3mm full suits are crafted from the high quality neoprene. They shape and support you body to create a flawless silhouette. Our full suits offer the unparalleled body confidence irrespective of the activity you are engaged into.

Vibrant Stripes. They never really went out of style, but this season stripes were spotted everywhere.

Feel the freedom of your movement: High quality S-FOAM neoprene: Softer, more stretchier than L-Foam and easier to put on and take off

GlueBlindtitched. It is called Blind because needle never penetrates the neoprene completely. As a results there are no wholes. The GBS seam glues two pieces of neoprene together and then stitches over the top. This technology helps to keep your body comfortable and warm in the cold water.

Fully taped on all interior seams

The back zip allows you to get in and out easier. It also protects from flushing water through the zip.