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Updated for 2020, the Dart features a slightly narrower width and wider tail for quicker rail to rail turns and user-friendly planning surface.  The addition of the moon tail allows for the wider tail to still break free and the tail wings put a break in the rail line to give the Dart a looser feel than previous years.  The Dart is a great all-around board that allows you to progress from dropping the rope all the way up to your first air out.  The Dart can be ridden as a thruster or a quad fin set-up.

Fin Set-Up:  Quad (S Side Fins w/ Stubbie Trailer Fins)

Shaper: Jimmy Redmon


  • EPS Foam with Surf Stinger
  • Single Concave Hull
  • Carbon Tail Wrap
  • Carbon Bottom Tape
  • Moon Tail
  • Fiberglass Hand Lamination