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The Liquid Force DLX has a long history. It is one of the most successful freestyle boards to hit the market in the last seasons. The Liquid Force team has engineered a new DLX model, intended to take freestyle to an entire new dimension. The board is constructed using a new technology based on the highest quality and performance standards. Out on the waves the DLX is fast and powerful and ready to deliver a unique freestyle experience. The board is great for advanced riders who love to feel a real thrill out on the waves.

The new DLX model introduced by Liquid Force is intended to deliver uncompromised freestyle performance. The board borrows some of the features of the previous DLX models, but it is tuned for better performance. The Liquid Force DLX is the favorite board of Mauricio Abreu and James Boulding, so it has to offer performance close to perfection.

From the first moment you step on the DLX you will notice that it feels very lively and it generates a great amount of power, but it is easy to keep under control. The DLX has a compact profile with special shaped tips which allows it to glide at fast speed through the waves. The increased stiffness of the board provides the perfect amount of pop and makes the board very responsive. Actually, the stiffer flex pattern is especially tuned for freestyle competitions. The increased bottom contour featuring channels off the tips improves overall control and assures excellent upwind potential.

Liquid Force has used a high and continuous rocker line on the DLX to make sure it has an explosive pop and impressive speed as well as very accurate control. The rider can perform the most spectacular tricks with minimum input. The Double Concave to Double Channel Bottom design also provides excellent grip and stability as well as optimal power. The Thumb Rail Deck Contours assure extra comfort throughout the entire session.

The Liquid Force DLX is crafted using a Wood and PVC foam combination core and Liquid Rail Sidewalls. This structure generates the stiffer flex pattern and makes the board light and durable. If you love freestyle and you try the new DLX by Liquid Force you will never part from it again.