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We can't all be jet setters like Beyonce, but the Liquid Force Jett Wakeboard rides smoother then a G6. Edge to edge transitions are leisurely from the hang-up free side fin design. The Jett's unique double concave variation favors heavy back-foot riders because the channels progressively deepen towards the tail for controlled speed. Built with three stage hybrid rocker adds extra bite by combining the best curves into one bad-base. Good enough for a queen the Liquid Force Jett Wakeboard will take your riding skills to new heights.

Product Details

Rocker Type

Three Stage Hybrid Rocker  Straighter center curve for solid edging and speed - Added kick at ends for steeper arc off wake.


Double Concave V-Tail  Controls water flow from tip to tail for extra power.


D-I-S-C Hull through the Center  Double – Inside – Single – Concave. Softens landings and maintains board speed.


Variable Edge Rail  Lifted edge through the center to prevent catching. The sharper rail at the tip and tail for improved control and response.

Winged Rail Shape  Side slots for extra bite in the flats and a quicker release of the wake.


Molded In, Canted Long Base Side Fins  These fins have a large inner face for exceptional hold. A low-pro outside reduces hang-ups.