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NPX Zealot Semidry 6/5/4mm Hooded Wetsuit Mid-Winter. The NPX Zealot is our factory built stormchaser, and it’s the kind of suit you pick on days when your courage is somewhere else warm, eating pancakes. Engineered to hold you brave, strong and true in the most extreme of extremes, Zealot is packed full of tricks, tech and awesomeness - just read the smallprint. It’s super flexible too, so unlike the wetsuit your father had, you won’t experience rigormortis wearing it either. (And your dad never looked this excellent). Put it on to understand the true meaning of invincibility. Or just put it on because you like rubber. Whatever, the Zealot is a single finger salute to the bad weather Gods. Take that! NPX Zealot. The weather answers only to you now. Materials Matrix Mesh: Neoprene made with a 3D matrix of air chambers that traps heat and increases buoyancy and flexibility. It consists of a sandwich construction with a middle layer of perforated neoprene to trap air. The air pockets insulate the body the way double-paned windows insulate a house. The end result is a warmer and lighter suit without adding thickness. Apex-Mesh: Top-performance, super-flexible and lightweight closed-cell neoprene. Superb insulation properties, soft and with an embossed micro-texture for added durability. Apex-Flex: Top-of-the-line double-laminated material. Super stretch and lightweight with an abrasion resistant, outer and a four-way stretch inner. Heatlock: An ultra-lightweight inner lining comprised of a series of tubular, hollow yarns. The heatlock effectively traps and stores body heat within the cavity of the yarn, keeping you warmer and drier. An insulating, hollow fiber lining that effectively traps and reflects body heat. Bamboo Charcoal: Bamboo Charcoal is known for its inherent antimicrobial and anti-odor properties. This natural fiber is woven into our lining to provide the hygiene benefits Features Built in Neoprene hood with Hotcell side panels, visor and chin cover. E3 Entry System: The E3 entry system is compromised of a pull-over bib and gusset that forms a water-tight neck seal and prevents water from entering through the back. S5 Smoothskin Neck Seal: Limestone based neoprene from Yamamoto Corporation, Japan. The smooth closed cell neoprene has a unique coating that makes it 95% water impermeable compare to 70% of the normal petroleum based neoprene, therefore it sheds off more water and quicker. Also compared to the standard petroleum based neoprene, S5 has a 23% higher closed cell ration that keeps you warmer by providing the maximum wind chill protection. Glued and Blindstitched Seams: An efficient, water-tight seam created through a triple gluing process in conjunction with a blind stitch that does not fully penetrate the rubber. The technique allows precise curved seams and facilitates a snug, anatomically correct fit. P Skin Sealed Seems: Seam sealant made of polyurethane. Stretchier and thinner than any other seam sealant on the market. Elastic Key Loop Griplock Wrists Velcro Attachment for Zipper Pull PU Knee Pads: A highly durable, abrasion resistant PU print technique. Aquavents: A water venting system in the ankles – releases water caught in the suit. Ankle Cinch Loop Detachable Ankle Cinches Construction • 100% Apex neoprene with slight tone-on-tone pattern • Matrix Mesh on chest and back • Hotcell on inside chest and back panels, inside front and back thigh panel, including crotch • GBL with strategic P-Skin sealed seams • E3 Entry System • Mesh/Flex hybrid option available • Bamboo charcoal inner lining