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For the ultimate cable crushers, the CWB Cobra Wakeboard Bindings are the dream boot and always deliver action packed park sessions. Comfortable and extremely supportive, these boots allow for premium performance without making your feet cramp up in between rides. Tromp over any terrain that separates you from the shred with the Removable Neoprene Booty and then slip them into the cuffs to experience top notch stability and control of the board on the water and features alike. For unprecedented park performance, the CWB Cobra Wakeboard Bindings is everything you need and more.

Product Details

Liner & Lacing

Removable Neoprene BootyAn inner neoprene booty with an EVA sole that fits securely in the outer boot but lets you step out for treks across gravel, rocks, sticks or anything else that means harm to the bottom of your feet.

Single Lace Design with Optional Eyelets


Forged Aluminum Insert MountsFlat aluminum has no memory so it doesn’t rebound when bent. CWB forged aluminum mounts are curved around the side of the baseplate to eliminate the possibility of bending. This extremely strong shape keeps your bindings from shifting, moving or breaking at the contact point.

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