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SIZE: 10' x 5'

The HO Play PAD features an assortment of summertime games on the top deck to keep the kids and family entertained all summer long.

The newest addition to the HO Sports RAD Collection, the Play PAD are the catalyst for summertime family fun both on and off the water. Available in a 10' x 5' and 15' x 5 size, the inflatable Play PAD is great for lake days and even backyard bbq's in the backyard. It reduces down to a fraction of the size for easy, compact storage when it is deflated. The graphics on the top of the Play PAD include games like checkers, chess, bean-bag toss, tug of war, and long jump. The Play Pad is sure to keep your kids and entire family thoroughly entertained for hours on end. Includes d-rings for easy connection to the boat, other inflatables, or anchoring. This inflatable is not designed for towing. A pump is included and the inflatable PAD is capable of holding up to 20 psi. The Play PADs are sure to help create unforgettable memories for your friends and family this Summer!

Superior Buoyancy

Made from a highly durable dropstitch construction, the Play PAD is capable of holding up to 20 PSI to deliver superior buoyancy. Keep you and all your friends afloat all day long.

Compact Storage

When not inflated, the HO Sports Play PAD can be folded down to a compact size that makes it easy to store in the boat or in the garage.

Lots of Games!

The graphics on the Play PAD includes lots of games to make time spent on the inflatable mat full of entertainment. Games include checkers, chess, bean-bag toss, tug of war, long jump, and whatever your imagination can dream up.

Included Hand Pump

The Play PAD is easily inflated with the included hand pump. For quicker inflation, we recommend purchasing an electric SUP pump that has the compatible fittings for this type of inflatable.

The Play PAD includes stainless steel d-rings that make for easy connecting to other inflatables, the boat, or anchoring. NOTE: this inflatable is not designed for towing.

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    HO PLAY PAD 10'
    HO PLAY PAD 10'
    HO PLAY PAD 10'
    HO PLAY PAD 10'

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