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Size: 7'0''

Nose : 16.85''

Width: 21.25''

Tail: 14.75''

Thickness: 2.6''

Volume: 46.5L

Aptly named, the Lib Tech Pickup Stick Surfboard is the plank you'll find yourself reaching for more often than not as you head out the door. Built to fill the gap between shortboard and longboard, this "mid size" shape works in all conditions and catches waves like nobody's business! Whether you're a beginner looking for something that's easy to progress on, a weekend warrior looking for maximum wave time, or an OG who's looking to walk the plank and hang 5 on a small wave day, this board is tough to beat. Oh yeah, and speaking of tough, the Pickup Stick Surfboard is made with Lib Tech s legendary construction that's virtually indestructible. So yeah, there's that too!

Product Details


Magnesium Basalt Carbon (MBC) Construction  The new Lib Tech MBC construction blends the best characteristics of epoxy: durability and liveliness with the best performance characteristics of polyester: flex and dampness. The addition of magnesium fiber improves the overall impact resistance, and the carbon composite stringer exactly matches the flex of a new high performance polyester and holds it for the life of the board. The world's best surfboard construction just got even better!


Smooth Rocker

Single to Double to Flat Contours

Fin Box Layout

FOC II Fin Box System  A stronger and lighter box that's two tab compatible with 1/2" fin adjustability for precise tuning of your boards surf characteristics.