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A staple in the Liquid Force lineup for years now, the Angel's continuous rocker creates a ride and fluid pop off the wake, making it perfect for the female rider looking to take her riding to the next level.

Everything about this wakeboard is designed to give you confidence riding and help you progress your skills. The aggressive continuous rocker creates a smooth ride on the water and poppy off the wake. This board is smooth and predictable going wake to wake. The DISC hull through the center of the board helps to generate additional speed, allowing the board to plane while riding at slower speeds. A variable edge rail throughout the board is very forgiving but can edge aggressively when you really lay into it.

The Angel is a smooth, stable ride that the ladies can count on to make them better.


  • All New Shapes
  • Diamond Bat Tail Shape
  • Redesigned Wider Tip and Tail
  • DISC Hull
  • Longer Molded In Outside Fins
  • Variable Edge Rail
  • Removable Center Fin
  • Aggressive Continuous Rocker

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