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Offering pro-level performance, the Vantage Kite bindings feature a stiff flex, built upon the Liquid Force IPX Chassis for the ultimate foot-to-board feel. Additionally, these bindings utilize a gel-based shock absorption system for pillow-soft landings, 3D-molded ergonomic footbeds for ultimate comfort, an articulated cuff for supportive, fluid movement, and a full-wrap liner for the perfect fit. Three Velcro power straps provide maximum, effortless adjustability so you can crank down the fit for an aggressive throwdown or soften the flex to style things out.

As far as legacies go in the world of kiteboarding, they don’t run much deeper than the lineage of Liquid Force bindings. Eighteen years ago, Liquid Force released one of the wakeboarding industry’s first revolutionary bindings, and ever since we’ve been on a relentless mission of innovation. Stemming from nearly two decades of development, pro rider input, and continual refinement, we’re proud to showcase the most extensive line of kiteboarding bindings out there. Whether closed- or open-toe, all of our bindings are based upon the tried and true technology, support, comfort and performance of Liquid Force’s cutting-edge wakeboarding bindings. The crucial difference is that our kite-specific bindings are just that — made more convenient for kiteboarding.

Built to satisfy the needs of the world’s most demanding riders, all Liquid Force bindings are built upon our IPX Chassis, featuring a super-low and flex-free design, which delivers the finest, most secure foot-to-board feel. All our bindings have a 3D-molded EVA footbed, offering well-engineered contours and support in all the right places, including toe-lift for lightning-quick edge control. Plus, the 2.5-degree anatomical inward cant ensures that ankles, knees and hips all stay in alignment for maximum comfort and performance. Our Gell Cell sole (featured on Synergy and Vantage Kite) delivers the most advanced shock-absorption system on the kiteboarding or wakeboarding market, while Impact EVA (Ultra Kite, Cradle) offers pillow-soft landings as well. Lightweight with a secure fit, the Control and Comfort liners require no heat molding. Zonal Velcro and EZ Glide Lace systems provide quick and easy adjustment for a custom fit, while the Articulated Cuff (Synergy and Vantage only) allows the outer to flex independently like a hinge over the interior liner.

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