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  • Tip-2-Tip Hybrid Wood Core – for the board’s core Naish went with different densities of vertically laminated wood and a highly developed thickness taper, as well as top and bottom laminates unique to each board model. Naish manufactures each board to offer excellent durability and an exact flex characteristic for specific riding performance.
  • Carbon Composite Laminates – the board’s flex character, reflex response, anti-vibration, anti-distortion, weight and durability is far superior to that of its predecessors because Naish fuses laminates. 
  • Optimized Response Flex – moderately soft flex under lighter loads that has been specifically designed to work alongside the board’s outline and rocker. The Optimized Response Flex allows the board to dynamically respond to input. The Optimized Response Flex stiffens progressively under higher loads.
  • Pro Power Performance – this is Naish’s guarantee that the board offers unmatched top speed, efficiency, upwind drive, edging power and control.

The main thing you need to know about the Naish Thorn CC is that is better than previous models. What Naish did here is it took all the best parts of previous Thorn CC models, took all the experience it accumulated developing previous Thorn CC models, and came up with the Thorn CC – a board that combines the best attributes of previous models to offer the rider even more performance.

The Naish Thorn CC is a top performance board ideally suited to be used as a freestyle competition board or a versatile freeriding board. The Naish Thorn CC is fast, offers a smooth ride, is easy to control, and offers plenty of pop. It is a comfortable board with an aggressive feel.

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