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If you have a boat and love watersports, then you need to have at least one pair of water skis. This is where it all began and all of O'Brien's staff are proud of their ski heritage and want to keep the tradition going. That's why they manufacture such a wide variety of trainer skis, combo skis, and a range of slalom skis and bindings that start from an entry-level and go all the way to meet the demands of the top pros. As your skills on the water progress, so does O'Brien's product line. So, whether you are brand new to the sport and haven't even gotten up for the first time or are already blasting turns in the course at 43' (13m) off, there are O'Brien skis that will fit your needs. The O'Brien Hydroslide Sea Rover Trainers are the perfect combo skies to introduce the youngsters to the sport. They're built to extremely durable and provide long lasting use. Guaranteed to make skiing a fantastic experience for first timers.

Economical way to bring the sport of water skiing to those young skiers. The rope attachments are removable when your kids prove themselves on these skis but helps keep the skis stable when they are first learning. The included rope has two handles on it, one for them to hang onto that is attached to the skis and one that you hold in the boat that attaches to the skis. That way if they fall or are having difficulty you just let go of the rope. No more dragging behind the boat because they forget to let go. This is the safe, economical way to get your kids on the water! Easy to use bindings with a Pinch-Slide Adjustable Binding heel for a perfect and secure fit.

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