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Want a hard charging binding with hassle-free entry? Strap up with the Ronix Supreme Wakeboard Bindings. Updated Super Straps let you dial in a perfect blend of leverage and elasticity with a customized zonal fit to get the most out of your foot to board connection. For riders who crave a personalized riding experience, check out the Ronix Supreme Wakeboard Bindings.

Product Details


Pro S.O.L.E. – Reacts faster, boosts higher, and lands softer.

SuperStraps – Updated this year, these straps deliver a perfect blend of leverage and elasticity, all in a closure system that's dang near instant.

Liner & Lacing

Heat Moldable Intuition+ Liner – The pinnacle of custom fit boots. A level of fit and control only found in a Ronix boot.

FlexForm 3D Heel & Toe – Automotive grade elastomer designed to withstand extreme tear and tinsel strength while providing flex and movement to the rider.


BrainFrame Technology – A footwear breakthrough in fit, function, and interchangeability, Ronix's latest hardware platform delivers instant response and redefines high end boot fit. Secures the foot from the bottom up, Instant energy transfer reducing rider fatigue and energy loss, limits distortion in the boot an eliminates much of the stitching and lamination problems of older boots.

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            RONIX SUPREME
            RONIX SUPREME
            RONIX SUPREME
            RONIX SUPREME
            RONIX SUPREME
            RONIX SUPREME

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