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The Darko is a board that delivers huge pop, massive stability, aggressive edging power and flawless control. It is a reliable and efficient hard core freestyle and progressive crossover platform,  ideal for the intermediate and expert rides looking for controlled progressive flex, maximum comfort and top performance.

The board offers all that and much more and can be used in a wide range of conditions. The slightly straighter profile provides good speed and excellent planing and upwind abilities. At the same time, the pulled in tip outline allows the rider carve with confidence and generates a solid and smooth drive even in chop.

The Darko is a bit stiffer in the tips, so it feels snappier on the water and generates a better response. Special Double V Moulded Channels shaped in the tip and tail of the core assure a cleaner release, better edge to edge control and superior stability. Edge control and stability are also enhanced by the new 60/40 High Cap Rail, which also assures improved traction.

The tunnel concave bottom shape assures excellent edge to edge response and makes the much smoother. The Darko is equipped with the Fastrack mounting system, which offers limitless micro adjustment stance options and a superior rider to board connection. The board is crafted using a full wood core, resin-x layups and fusion sidewalls.

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