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If you have other boards, they will undoubtedly start collecting dust after you take a few sets on the Slingshot Solo Wakeboard. Taking the term "crossover" to a whole new level, the Solo Wakeboard combines virtually all of Slingshot s unique performance features into a single deck. Subtle channels between the feet work to increase traction and stiffen the belly for more pop off the wake, while the center V-Spine helps soften big landings both behind the boat and in the park. New Flex Tip Technology enables locked in presses like never before. And a noticeably narrower profile makes the Solo great for carving. A truly high performance design for well-rounded, high-level riders.

Product Details

Rocker Type

Continuous Rocker


Flex Tip Technology – Slingshot is introducing tapered flex tips allowing for a stiffer belly, bringing the flex farther out towards the tip and tail for a whole new press experience -- a Slingshot exclusive.


Narrow Profile


NACA Tech Channels – Slingshot's diverse variety of bottom profiles is only possible through the use of a super cool high-tech tool: A laser. Precision cuts are made by the laser, which allow us to incorporate high-tech hydrodynamic designs into the tips and tails of our boards. Slingshot's channels allow for a smoother flow of water under your board and increase traction, load/pop and speed.

V-Spine – The center V-Spine profile helps to break up surface tension on massive landings.


Fusion Sidewalls – Slingshot's Fusion Sidewalls are unlike any other rail in the industry and now brighter than ever. Utilizing liquid urethane, poured in one single shot, then cured seamlessly into the board's wood core.


Vertically Laminated All Wood Core – Slingshot's vertically laminated wood core construction utilizes the collective strength of wood's end grain to create flex characteristics unlike any other material in wakeboards. This unique construction brings boards to life with a new level of energy under your feet. Benefits include bigger rebound for stronger pop, more forgiveness on landings and, of course, an unrivaled experience in the park.


Ballistic Park Base – To meet the increasing demands of park and cable riders, Slingshot completely upgraded their base material. Whether you're on metal, wood, plastic, dirt or grass, the new Ballistic Park Base is designed to withstand the abuse of the world's hardest charging riders.


(4) 6" x 0.75" Wake Fins

Additional Features

Carbon Bedrock Inserts – Slingshot has completely revamped its mounting system. The new Carbon Bedrock Inserts are the strongest and lightest mounting system in Slingshot history and utilize the industry-standard M6 hardware. Reinforced by patches of carbon fiber, the new four-pack inserts are ridiculously strong, but remain flexible to allow for an uninterrupted flex pattern. When paired with Slingshot Bindings, they allow for stance widths ranging from 19.5" - 25.25" (on center).

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