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When LF's shaper, Jimmy Redmon started the DOSE project with Shane and Watson, the goal was to create the ultimate All Terrain board. There were characteristics they both wanted the board to have yet there were plenty of differences the two were looking for.

Shane, being the rail master, wanted his board to be a little bit more flexible throughout, especially on the tips. He wanted to keep the center clean, without any edge channels to hang up on the rails. To create the softer flex, the top of Shane’s board was designed with minimal geometry between the feet. In addition to keeping the center simple, we thinned out the tips a bit more on his version of the DOSE and using Liquid Rail, created 3 responsive flex zones off the nose and tail. These tweaks give Shane’s board a very sensitive feel on rails and a fun, buttery feel off the wake. Shane prefers to ride the board finless at the park, but when he’s riding behind the boat, he’ll pop on the quad fins that are provided to gain a bit more control so he can have a super fun and playful board off the wake.

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