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Tech Specs:
-Sizes: 140 x 41.5cm
-Profiled wood core
-M6 inline inserts
-Liquid Rails

What We Like:
The Drive is a staple in the REAL Lesson Center, and with our customer’s who want a smooth ride that makes kiteboarding easy. This board features a low rocker line to maximize upwind efficiency. The Drive features a single concave bottom shape, this gives the board a lot of “lift” What I mean by lift is this board wants to rise out of the water and really likes to ride on the rail. This makes a board that cuts through chop effortlessly, planes very easily, and holds well when powered. The outline is very forgiving without sacrificing upwind performance.

Insider Info:
The Drive uses Liquid Force’s Profiled wood core which has more weight than their CNC’ed boards, and Carbon Models. The good thing about this is the board rides great, it’s very strong, and it is more affordable than a board that was CNC cut.

Why you want the Drive:
The Drive is your first board, a reliable board that sticks with you forever, and a true work horse. This will take you from your first tacks, to boosting to the moon and working on tricks. You want the Drive because you want a smooth and forgiving ride that will help you maximize your progression when you are taking sessions!


The Drive is a solid all-around kiteboard designed with durability for progressive and freestyle riding.

Includes board & fins.

Liquid Force's Description:
Engineered to transform a kiter’s riding in a short period of time, the Drive packs a potent, empowering punch. Offering the ultimate value to performance ratio, the Drive features many of our most advanced technologies and is optimized specifically for progression, staying upwind, jumping, and doing air transitions. Highlights include a single concave bottom shape, a wood core construction, Liquid Rails for durability and timeless earthy graphics. All fun, all the time!

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