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The Liquid Force El Guapo Wakesurf board has a longboard shape making it a great addition to any wakesurf quiver thanks to its fun, playful feel on the water.

Taking their fan-favorite Fun Unlimited shape from the past few years and putting it into Durasurf construction, the 2021 El Guapo is an easy to ride longboard shape. The full-bodied shape and beveled rails of the El Guapo allow for smooth, effortless rides and the concave hull keeps the board humming along at a nice pace. An adjustable single center fin box lets you adjust the ride… move it forward for a looser feel or bring it back for a tighter, more driven feel. Relax and loosen your style, Hang 5, carve a stylish bottom turn, and head dip in the curl… You are going to be the best-looking person on the lake on the Liquid Force El Guapo Wakesurf Board.

Liquid Force El Guapo Wakesurf Board Features

  • Includes 6.5" Longboard Fin
  • DuraSurf Construction
  • Longboard Rocker Line
  • Soft Catch Free Rail
  • Single to Double Concave Hull with Spoon Concave Nose

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