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New is a slight increase in the rocker line making for better chop deflection and projection in wave kicker hits. The addition of vector net carbon weave glass lamination on the bottom eliminates excess weight while retaining the Elements explosive flex pattern.


M6 Hardware
Standard on all LF boards

Inline Inserts
Lined up

Liquid Rail
Urethane poured flexible rail

Medium Rocker Line

Matte Finish
Printed Matte finish that delivers a vibrant color without adding weight.

Wood Composite Core
CNC'd Wood-PVC Composite Core. Customized proprietary flex and the best strength-to-weight ratio.

Vector Net Carbon Weave
Carbon weave lamination for reduced wieght and even flex. Takes away the need for multiple glass laminations.

Channeled Tips
Assiting the flow of water allowing for more grip on the water. Perfect for those wanting to ride finless or needing a little extra bite on the water.

Tuned Flex
With the addition of the vector net carbon weave the flex pattern is optimal for eating choppy conditions, providing softer landings, and delivering powerful take offs.

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