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The Kaos by Liquid Force is created with power, speed and control in mind and it is intended to take freestyle and freeride to a whole new level. The board went through an extensive process of research and development to meet the highest quality standards and the needs of the most demanding riders. It packs plenty of pop, it is fast, it plans excellent, and it has all it takes to offer an incredible ride. The board is enhanced to perform outstanding in any conditions and it is extra durable. Take the Liquid Force Kaos out for a spin and you will fall in love with the way it performs. The board comes in three sizes and features a unique graphic design, based on sub laminated imprints and screen sheets.
• Liquid Urethane rails
• Composite core structure
• Increased flex
• “Thumb Rail” Deck Contour
• Improved upwind performance
• Exquisite graphic design

Liquid force is one of the most acclaimed kiteboard and kiteboarding gear manufacturers today. Their team makes no compromise and uses the latest technology and the finest materials when it develops a new piece of equipment, to make sure that any rider will be satisfied with the performance it offers. The Kaos is a kiteboard created on this concept and it is truly a masterpiece.

Liquid force has managed to blend speed, maneuverability, power, control and any other feature you might think a board needs to change the perspective on freestyle and freeride as we know it. The board features a hydrodynamic and compact shape, enhanced by a new bottom contour and Liquid Rails Sidewalls to allow the rider experience one of the fastest and smoothest glides ever. The board has flexible and torsion resistant tips, combined and a stiffer central area which increases the upwind and planning abilities. At the same time the Kaos packs plenty of pop and offers high jumps, extra hangtime and a fast speed.

The Kaos has a low rocker line which significantly improves acceleration and makes the board reach top speed in no time. The board uses Liquid Urethane rails instead of classic ABS ones, innovation used by Liquid Force to increase durability and steering response. The bottom design is something totally new. It is based on a double concave in the center area and convex double concave channels in the tips. This unique bottom profile assures optimal water release, reduces the spray and increases the grip and stability. At the same time it increases the steering response and reduces drag, for a very smooth ride. The Liquid Force Kaos uses an increased flex pattern, to assure smooth landings, excellent steering and reduced shock wave impact.

The board is constructed on a CNC shaped wood and PVC core which assures extra tensile strength and makes the board robust and light at the same time. This core structure and the increased flex significantly improve the board’s overall performance and make it a great choice for any competition. Fast, powerful, agile and accurate, the Liquid Force Kaos is guaranteed to offer you an unmatched freestyle and freeride session.

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