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Liquid Force Shane Wakeboard Bindings: The Liquid Force Shane Wakeboard Bindings are designed to give Shane (and you!) a wide range of flex options for a custom riding style. Liquid Force’s dual lace system, cuff stretch zone, and ultra wide power strap let you tune the Shane Wakeboard Bindings to your personal style or conditions. Shane’s personal preference for double ups or powerful carves is to lace up tight and crank down the power strap. When it’s time for tweaking tricks Shane loosens up the top lace and lets the strap hang loose. No matter what your style of riding, behind the boat or off the cable the Liquid Force Shane Wakeboard Bindings are designed to put you in control.

Product Details


Soft and cozy EVA footbed, it’s not only comfortable, it’ll absorb shock on impact protect your heels from bruising

Cuff Stretch Zone: A stretch zone that connects the upper cuff and lower throat area. This allows the binding to move forward to back and side to side without restriction

Wide Hook-and-Loop Fastener power strap: Leave it loose or tighten it up, your ride, your choice.

Liner & Lacing

Liquid Force exclusive CONTROL liner features: A full wrap around and integrated 3D J bars to lock you in comfortable, multi-density foam for both comfort and support, articulating cuff and an EVA footbed. All Liquid Force Bindings are pre heat-formed (no additional heat molding required) for a carefully tuned ergonomic fit.

Zonal Hook-and-Loop Fastener Lace System: Allows the lace tension to be different in the upper and lower zones. Crank down the lace slider, flip over the Hook-and-Loop Fastener and you’re ready to ride


AR6 Chassis: The full length Air Cell featured on the AirRide 6 chassis reduces the impact of hard landings and displaces the impact energy through the whole binding system

Integrated Aluminum angle lock plate: Durable and lightweight, this feature not only locks you into your stance angles they add strength to the binding chassis eliminating heel lift


5 - 8 (1 softest – 10 stiffest)

Strong, stiff design that’s able to flex comfortably when you need it to.

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